Harvard Emerging Leaders Seminar

Harvard Emerging Leaders Seminar • Wednesdays • February 5 - April 30, 2014 (7:00 pm - 8:30 pm ET) • Online


The three-month seminar empowers participants to integrate leadership concepts into immediate practice. Course work addresses issues in private practice and academic settings. Established radiologists serve as co-moderators, making this a powerhouse of Harvard education coupled with real-world radiology application. The seminar is limited to 50 participants.

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Harvard Emerging Leaders Seminar Course Tuition Information

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Module Topics:

  • Strategic Planning
    Planning for the future is a critical activity for leaders and a way for radiologists to help play a role in the leadership and management of their organizations. In this module, participants will gain an understanding of strategy, competitive analysis and strategic alignment. They’ll learn how to translate strategy into day-to-day activities and understand the nature of trade-offs in formulating and executing strategy.

  • Managing Change
    Participants will work to understand why and how organizations innovate and evolve and develop tools and techniques for successfully managing change in their practice or academic department. Additionally, they’ll examine what change means to employees and stakeholders and how leaders can help enable change while reducing concerns.

  • Difficult Interactions
    Radiologists often face difficult interactions with colleagues, administrators, partners in their practices and other medical staff. This module will help participants learn to manage those challenging situations as best as possible to reach mutually beneficial outcomes, while maintaining professional integrity, and doing what’s right for the patient.

The Harvard Emerging Leaders Seminar comprises three learning modules focusing on personal leadership, managing change and business and financial acumen. The modules will include business case studies, articles, simulations and tutorials delivered in a collaborative, participant-centered setting.

The learning modules are geared toward helping radiology professionals absorb relevant leadership concepts through an engaged learning process — and applying that information into immediate action.

Harvard Emerging Leaders Seminar

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