The Radiology Leadership Institute® (RLI) is the nation's premier organization dedicated to providing today's radiology professionals with essential leadership skills for becoming tomorrow's leaders in health care. Offering a robust curriculum rooted in the RLI Common Body of Knowledge™ (RLI CBK™), the RLI delivers progressive leadership and business management training and offers real-world strategies for radiologists to grow and advance in practice.

RLI course offerings allow you to select from multiple tracks that can be tailored to fit your unique schedule, budget and learning needs. Choose from a variety of course formats that include online learning pathways, RLI meetings, RLI affiliate and ACR chapter meetings, and RLI certified events.

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Getting Started


Step 1 — Enroll and Speak to an RLI Curriculum Advisor
Once you have enrolled in RLI, we encourage you to speak to a curriculum advisor to learn more about program requirements, the various ways to earn RLI credits, and how to apply credit from previous educational and professional experience. To set up an appointment with an RLI Curriculum Advisor, please call 703-637-4381 or email

Step 2 — Review the RLI Common Body of Knowledge™
The RLI CBK is the foundation of all RLI course and learning activities and contains 151 competencies across seven topic areas.

Step 3 — Review Credit Requirements

  • Level I: 12 credits — 8.5 Mandatory│3.5 Elective
  • Level II: 30 credits — 22 Mandatory │ 8 Elective
  • Level II:I 50 credits — 22 Mandatory (plus Practicum) │ 28 Elective
  • Level IV: 18.5 credits — 11 Mandatory │ 7.5 Elective

Step 4 — Earn RLI Credits
RLI credits can be earned in any of the following ways:

  1. Complete an on-demand RLI course
  2. Attend an RLI-approved live event
  3. Apply for credit recognition 

Step 5 — Earn RLI Certificates
RLI certificates are earned by fulfilling credit requirements at each of four levels.

  • Level I: Certificate of Leadership Fundamentals™
  • Level II: Certificate of Leadership Proficiency™
  • Level III: Certificate of Advanced Leadership Proficiency™
  • Level IV: Certificate of Leadership Mastery™
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