A Look Ahead – New RLI Programs

When we first launched the RLI in 2012, our mission was to provide radiology professionals like you with an intensive program to help you develop the skills to face health care’s new challenges.  We are proud to say we have succeeded, winning two Minnies Awards for Best Radiology Training Program in 2014 and in 2016.  You are the foundation of our success.

Thank you!

The need for radiology to innovate to stay relevant and increase its value has been a consistent theme throughout RLI programs these past four years. We have not just been preaching innovation; the RLI has been doing our best to practice it.

New Programs and Resources

With that in mind, we will be announcing many new RLI offerings in 2017 and 2018 along with some program changes. These new programs will address your most pressing needs, no matter where you are in your career.  

The first new programs to be launched address specific areas around leadership at various career stages: 

  • Executive Leadership Training - A case-study-based, intensive learning program where executive-level leaders will gather to network, share ideas and challenges, and learn in a collaborative, highly interactive format. 

  • New Leaders Program - Designed for those who are in their first substantial leadership role, this course will enable engagement and efficiency in the new leader's practice and larger health system. 

  • Leadership Foundations - This program will offer residents, fellows and early-career radiologists and radiology professionals the essentials they need to know as they enter practice in today's health care system.

Every RLI program will continue to feature the leading radiology and business faculty that you have come to expect from the RLI. Each course is being crafted to deliver powerful, relevant and applicable information you need to make an impact in your practice as well as your career.

New Leadership Insider Podcast Series

Recently, the RLI launched its new Leadership Insider Podcast Series, where we discuss important topics from business and radiology thought leaders covering a variety of topics.  Each month will feature new episodes and is chock full of great insights, pointers and things you can implement right away to achieve goals, be more productive, avoid burnout, strengthen working relationships, and even insights on how to market yourself more effectively.  We will also cover important topics such as MACRA/MIPS, bundled payment tools and other important policy and economic issues.  

Learn more and listen to the first episode »

We Are Always Here to Help

The RLI team is very dedicated and hard at work creating best-in-class programs to help you gain the tools, skills, and mindset you need to build successful, sustainable practices that will drive patient health care to new heights. Stay tuned in the coming weeks for more information about these exciting program announcements.

Chrissy Warner, the RLI Curriculum Advisor, is ready to assist you with your current credit/certificate status and, as always, you can log in to the RLI Navigator to see where you are relative to your certificate progression. And all of us on the RLI team will be available to answer any questions you may have as we move through this transition.

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