World-Renowned Radiologists Johnson and Margulis Honored at RLI Annual Event

August 1, 2013

Distinguished radiologists Daniel H. Johnson Jr., MD, and Alexander R. Margulis, MD, DSc, are the 2013 recipients of the Radiology Leadership Institute (RLI) Leadership Luminary Award. Johnson and Margulis were recognized July 25 at the RLI Annual Event in Chicago. Former U.S. Senator Tom Daschle served as keynote speaker for the event.

The Leadership Luminary Award represents the summit of the RLI program. It is an honorary designation given annually to radiologists and related professionals who possess exceptional experience, and demonstrate an unusually high level of leadership in organized radiology or organized medicine.

Dr. Johnson is a practicing diagnostic radiologist and clinical professor of radiology at Tulane University. He is a former president of the World Medical Association and the American Medical Association (AMA) where he was previously vice-speaker and then speaker of the AMA House of Delegates. Johnson also served as vice speaker, speaker and president of the Louisiana State Medical Society. He was co-founder and later president of the American Society of Head and Neck Radiology. Interested in the financing of health care, Johnson has lectured extensively on using pluralism and patient choice to improve the cost effectiveness of the U.S. health care system. In 2007, he chaired the Health Care Transition Advisory Council for then Louisiana Governor-elect Bobby Jindal.

Dr. Margulis is a clinical professor of radiology at Cornell University in New York. For 26 years he served as professor and chair of the Department of Radiology at the University of California, San Francisco. Under his leadership, the members of his department added many new dimensions to the field of biomedical imaging, establishing the discipline of radiobiology and pioneering a range of new imaging technologies and applications, from magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to interventional radiology (both terms that Margulis coined). Margulis is a member of the Institute of Medicine of the National Academies and a foreign member of the Serbian Academy of Arts and Sciences and the Russian Academy of Medicine. He has published more than 280 manuscripts and 21 books, and is widely-known for his teaching and mentorship.

“In addition to being outstanding physicians, Drs. Johnson and Margulis have made many significant contributions to the radiology profession. Their exceptional experience and exemplary level of leadership in organized radiology is nothing short of inspirational. The RLI is honored to present these two deserving gentlemen with Leadership Luminary Awards, which recognize radiology’s most respected leaders,” said Cynthia S. Sherry, MD, FACR, medical director of the Radiology Leadership Institute and chair of the American College of Radiology Commission on Leadership and Practice Development.