Contracts Between Radiology Groups and their Radiology Members

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This web-based learning experience is structured to provide participants with an understanding of the contracts that exist between radiology groups and their members. It will begin by discussing what a contract is and why it is an integral part of defining the relationships that a practice has with its radiologist members.

The discussion will progress to explaining that this employment agreement (contract) is not a document of parity, but rather favors the group in all ways possible. No member, however senior, is more important than the practice itself.  The participants will learn what should be present in an effective radiology employment agreement, including six clauses that might seem to be Draconian in nature. The discussion will cover why these clauses are important to the stability and effective governance of the practice.  Finally, the registrant will learn about practice policies and how they should be developed and administered. The webinar will end with an interactive question and answer session to enable participants to discuss their specific concerns.

Learning Objectives

  • Describe what a contract is and why an employment agreement is necessary in the context of a radiology practice
  • Discuss the clauses that might be included in a contract between a radiology group and its member radiologists
  • Develop and implement policies that will contribute to the effective operation of a radiology practice

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