The Customer is (Sometimes) Right

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This webinar will review the current use of service and quality metrics by radiology groups. The discussion will focus on how radiology groups and departments should collect their own data and use it internally. We will discuss how measurements differ by stakeholder group: patients, referring physicians, hospital administrators, etc. 

The methodology of effective data collection will be reviewed with a discussion of best practices for acquiring actionable data and for using that to improve service to your key customer

Learning Objectives:

  • Explain why there has been a revolution in consumer expectations for high quality service in healthcare in the USA.
  • Discuss the present and future use of service and quality data by the government, insurers, patients and other key stakeholders
  • Explain why data collected directly by a radiology group is different than external survey metrics.
  • Review best practices for data collection and usage by radiology groups and departments

Purchase this on-demand webinar

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