Beyond Healthcare Economics Milestones: From Research Concept to Coding

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All healthcare services provided by physician and other providers must be reported in a manner suitable for documentation, research and reimbursement. The system allowing such reporting is the Current Procedural Terminology (CPTTM). CPT has been existence for nearly 50 years, with periodic modifications of the process and ongoing updates of content. Knowledge of this system, how it is maintained and its multiple facets to report not only common procedures but new investigation techniques and performance measures, is critical to both the clinical practice of medicine as well as the financial viability of practices and academic departments providing care. This session will describe this system, it’s dynamic nature and the importance for all of us to stay current

Learning Objectives:

  • Describe the history of our medical coding system- Current Procedural Terminology (CPT)TM.
  • Discuss how new procedures/services must be identified and then qualify for CPT status.
  • Outline how the CPT code set is maintained.
  • Describe the current dynamics at CPT in the reporting of radiology procedures/services.
  • Convince you of the need for you to have an understanding of this key component to medical/radiology economics

Purchase this on-demand webinar
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