Giving Back

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This webinar will discuss the importance of philanthropy to the survival of Radiology. With declining NIH research support across the board, we need to look to other sources for the advancement of our specialty. Most specialties have more grateful patients than we do, therefore, it is imperative that we support our survival initiatives ourselves. These include philanthropy for support of research, political action, and leadership initiatives. The Thorwarth 1% Initiative serves as a good model for Radiology.

Learning Objectives:

  • Discuss the importance of philanthropic support for research, political action and leadership training and its impact on the future of radiology. 
  • Explain how philanthropy by radiologists to support research is necessary to compete with other imaging-intensive specialties like cardiology.
  • Give examples of how investment has changed the dynamic between cardiology and cardiothoracic surgery over the past several decades.
  • Discuss the importance of philanthropic support for political action/government relations efforts to educate legislators regarding the importance of radiology

Purchase this on-demand webinar

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