Harvard Emerging Leaders Seminar - Module Topics

The Harvard Emerging Leaders Seminar comprises three learning modules focusing on personal leadership, managing change and business and financial acumen. The modules will include business case studies, articles, simulations and tutorials delivered in a collaborative, participant-centered setting.

The learning modules are geared toward helping radiology professionals absorb relevant leadership concepts through an engaged learning process — and applying that information into immediate action.

Module Topics

Personal Leadership
Participants will examine what it means to be a leader of people, teams and organizations. In addition to helping define their personal leadership style, they will begin to understand what it means to have power and influence over others, as well as how to improve their leadership through interpersonal
relationships and emotional intelligence.

Learning Objectives:              

  • Explain the role of a leader in the management of an organization.
  • Explain the role of power and influence in leadership.
  • Use emotional intelligence to generate more successful leadership.
  • Identify and build one’s own style and brand of leadership.
Business Acumen
Today leaders wrestle with a number of business and organizational challenges, including how to develop and execute sustainable business decisions in their industry. In this module, participants will understand how to identify and plan for the internal and external forces that will impact their organizations, gain an understanding of the importance of strategic alignment, and how that relates to developing a viable business model.

Learning Objectives:
  • Understand business models and understand the drivers of profitability and value.
  • Develop the skills to analyze market forces and how they impact the business.
  • Define what strategy is (and isn’t) and understanding the distinction between a strategy and a business model.
Managing Change
Participants will work to understand why and how organizations innovate and evolve, and develop tools and techniques for successfully managing change in their practice or academic department. Additionally, they’ll examine what change means to employees and stakeholders, and how leaders
can help enable change while reducing concerns.

Learning Objectives:
  • Understand the types of innovation and change that takes place in organizations.
  • Examine the challenges and opportunities that arise from organizational change.
  • Identify ways of successfully examining and managing change.
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