Imaging 3.0 A Roadmap for Transitioning

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In this session, we will explore how radiologists can apply information technology tools to transition from volume-based to value-based imaging care. Although patients have benefitted from the remarkable advances in imaging care over the past two decades, there are disadvantages for patients and the specialty in the current volume-based business practice of imaging care. Our transactional system of medical care will likely be replaced by systems that provide value-based longitudinal care resulting in all of the care that is necessary and none of the care that is not.

Imaging 3.0, the ACR’s vision for value-based imaging care, leverages radiologists’ expertise to optimize imaging care for our patients beginning when the referring physician first considers imaging until referring physicians and patients fully understand the results of their imaging examinations. We will discuss how Imaging 3.0 can become a health policy initiative that will allow policy makers to recognize alternative payment structures that incent appropriate utilization and value-based care.  We will describe how the parts Imaging 3.0 toolkit can provide referring physicians with the information and incentive to optimize the use of medical imaging in their practices.

We will then consider how Imaging 3.0 concepts can be used to enhance our information systems to help engage patients in their imaging care, facilitate radiologist consultation and communication, and ensure that appropriate evidence-based imaging recommendations are made and followed.

Finally, we will uncover some of the obstacles to implementing the Imaging 3.0 initiatives in our practices including awareness and availability of the tools and misaligned payment incentives. Using case-based examples, we will describe action steps practices can take to prepare themselves for value-based imaging care.

Learning Objectives:

  • Upon completion of the session, participants will be able to document the necessity of and fundamental steps to transition from volume-based to value-based imaging care.
  • Participants will be able to describe the features of the imaging technology tools that will optimize imaging care and select those that are best for their individual practices to demonstrate optimal outcomes.
  • Participants will be able to explain the clinical and business value of   increasing radiologists’ relevance from when the referring physician orders an examination until the referring physicians and their patients fully understand their results and recommendations.
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