2014 RLI Leadership Summit Program

The 2014 RLI Leadership Summit will present six solutions-oriented sessions, with each hands-on session in the following format:

  • Introduction to the topic in a plenary format led by a Babson-RLI faculty team, followed by application and discussion in breakout groups, and then an exchange of ideas and conclusions back in the plenary room. 
  • Each of the four breakout groups will be jointly facilitated by a Babson faculty member and an RLI faculty member. 
Session Descriptions

  • Changing Health Care Landscape and Possible Futures
    Imaging 3.0 challenges radiologists to reach beyond comfortable boundaries and across the care continuum. As healthcare becomes more integrated and patient focused and how might they unfold in the next few years? What do they mean for all of the medical imaging stakeholders--patients, clinicians, and health systems — and radiologists in particular? 

  • Big Data and Analytics
    Big data, driven by both technological and regulatory forces, will transform health care in fundamental ways. Radiologists have a long track record of managing technology and data to support imaging needs. How can data capture and analytics be harnessed as a strategic asset for radiology practice? How can radiologists practice Imaging 3.0 and use big data and analytics to demonstrate their value to improving patient outcome and reducing health system cost? 

  • Social Media
    Social media and mHealth are affecting patient behavior and care as well as clinicians practice. How can radiologists develop social media savvy and Imaging 3.0 communication skills to leverage these tools in support of their practice? 

  • Medical vs. Business Innovation
    Radiologists may be accustomed to managing medical innovation (e.g., implementing new treatments, diagnostics, or drugs), but is this enough to manage business transformations required under the Affordable Care Act? Knowing how to pursue innovation in business (e.g., business modeling, best practices, workflow and process analysis and restructuring) is essential to repositioning radiology to succeed. 

  • Business Models and Financial Logic 
    Industry transformations are usually accompanied by the emergence of new business models with different financial footprints. Learn what constitutes a business model, how to build a new one and transition to it, and how to assess financial implications that will transform radiology. 

  • Solving the Right Problems
    Solving problems is at the heart of business just as it is in medicine. Successful leaders know how to solve problems for greatest impact. This session will deliver strategies for identifying the right problems to solve, structuring and framing them correctly, and tackling them in effective ways. It will conclude with participants finalizing an action plan.

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