2017 RLI Leadership Summit - Keynote Address

"Watson Health: Empowering Heroes, Transforming Health"

Anne LeGrand
General Manager, Imaging, IBM Watson Health

In the 2017, Watson Health will bring to market cognitive medical imaging solutions targeting a range of disease states. As radiologists know, the role of medical imaging in global health systems is fundamental.

Like labs, medical images are used in as many as 90 percent of all high cost, high value episodes of care. Cardiac echoes, head and chest CTs, mammograms, and basic x-rays, “atlas” the body and help chart a course forward for a patient’s care team.  Imaging precision has improved as a result of technological advancements and breakthroughs in related medical research.

Those advancements also bring with them exponential growth in medical imaging data.

As IBM trains Watson to "see" medical images, Ms. Le Grand will discuss recent advances made by Watson Health and explore the potential value of "augmented intelligence" to assist radiologists as well as the patients they serve.

Anne Le Grand is General Manager and global leader of IBM Watson Health’s imaging business, where her team is engaged to help create the cognitive future for medical imaging in healthcare.

Prior to her role at IBM she led the Philips Therapeutic Care business, the Philips global Ultrasound business and the X-ray, Metabolic Health, and Mammography business units at GE Healthcare.

With more than two decades of experience dedicated to improving the global health landscape, Ms. Le Grand has spent her entire career in healthcare imaging and informatics, beginning with her role in research and development at 3M.

Ms. Le Grand is driven by creating impactful solutions that address complex medical problems, developing diverse and motivated teams to execute on those strategies, and focusing her energy—above all—on the needs of healthcare providers and the patient populations they serve.

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