Immunity to Change - Closing the Knowing-Doing Gap

This session will help you overcome the challenges between knowing how to change to actually implementing it successfully. 

Radiology has survived and flourished at the edge of innovation and change in medicine. Ensuring our continuing ability to not just envision, but also implement change, will guarantee our future.

Change is hard.  But we all know we need to change, the right way, to be successful.  Unfortunately, change comes with many obstacles.

Even if we accept change on an intellectual level, our thoughts, biases, feelings, assumptions and habits can create a chasm between knowing what needs to get done and actually executing - the knowing-doing gap.  

But doing nothing is not an option.  

During the "Immunity to Change: Closing the Knowing-Doing Gap" session at the 2016 RLI Leadership Summit, we will teach you how to explode through obstacles, change and go from knowing to executing. 

In this session, we will learn how to overcome these obstacles to change and to close the knowing-doing gap.

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