Dynamics of Value Claiming in Negotiations

Now that you have closed the knowing-doing gap, built a personal brand, govern masterfully, achieved operational excellence, and created a value-based practice, now you can claim your true value by being a negotiation wizard.  

Radiology’s financial success is secured not simply through pricing and resultant payment; rather, securing payment and revenue generation, and therefore financial success, hinges on successful negotiation.

Negotiations are not a competition.  But you should still use everything in your arsenal. 

Negotiations play a role in both creating value and dividing it among the players involved. 

Using experiential exercises, this session will help you develop your negotiation skills. With guidance by experts, you will assess your current abilities in deals that require value claiming or basic bargaining skills.  

These are fundamental ideas that can be powerful tools for any level of negotiator to master the art of the deal.  

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