Building a Value-Based Performance System

Ever try to build something without directions?  Measure twice, cut once, right? So how do we build value into our practices?  This timely session will guide you through how to turn the nebulous idea of value into something tangible and actionable.  

Radiology’s future will in large part depend on a significant focus on pricing and the customers’ willingness to pay, both of which hinge on a clear understanding of the derived value of services provided.

Radiology has blazed the technology trail. Now, there are new paths to cut.

Radiology has always provided value to health care and to the patient cycle.  However, there is increasing discussion on how radiologists should view their practices in terms of additional value they can add to the larger health care enterprise.

The challenge is figuring out how to convert this appealing but nebulous idea into something more specific and actionable?

Investing Wisely

This session, grounded in finance, will cover ideas to help you think more rigorously about value and adding value. How do you associate a value to an activity? How do you separate what are truly value-added activities from those that are not? What to do more of, less of, and to stop doing? How do you transition an imaging practice to a more value-added focus?

The ideas covered in this session will also help you in rethinking your organization’s operations and business model.

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