Lower the Dose

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The radiology community (radiologists, medical physicists, radiologic technologists, and radiation technologists) has led the educational and awareness efforts to reduce radiation dose to our patients through effective collaborations that bridge traditional specialty silos and reach all stakeholders. These successful collaborations have included both vendors and regulators, with the overarching goal of dose reduction.

It is critical that the radiologist and the entire community continue to act as leaders in these efforts in radiation safety for both employees and patients. In order to be successful, we must understand the current state of the science and what resources are available to us.

Learning Objectives:

  • Provide the current state of the science regarding cancer risk from medical procedures using  ionizing radiation
  • Understand the three basic radiation protection principles for patients and for employees
  • Understand the radiation dose reduction goals and educational materials for all stakeholders involved in imaging children (Image Gently) and in imaging adults (Image Wisely)
  • Become familiar with the ‘Choosing Wisely Campaign’ , that promotes appropriate use of medical tests

Purchase this on-demand webinar

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