Is There a New Payment Model In Your Future?

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Although fee-for-service is still the predominant method of reimbursing radiologists, changes are on the horizon. Practice leaders must be familiar with the new models that are coming into use, and must prepare their groups for the possible advent of these models. The main ones to consider are accountable care organizations (ACOs), bundled payments, employment by hospitals, corporate buyouts, and mergers into supergroups. Each of these offer potential advantages and drawbacks.

The webinar will discuss these, and present ideas that groups need to consider in preparing for the new models. Both private and academic groups will be affected by the changes, and it is important to plan ahead of time.

Learning Objectives:

  • Recognize with the structure of ACOs and other new payment models that are coming into use.
  • Define the pros and cons of the new models.
  • Demonstrate leadership skills to radiology groups in planning for the possible advent of one or more of the new payment models.

Purchase this on-demand webinar

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