Past RLI Webinars Available On-Demand

The RLI Leadership webinars provide focused education on relevant topics and facilitate discussion in a convenient, interactive format. The RLI has selected leading experts and practitioners to serve as faculty for critical topics such as "Contracts Between Radiology Groups and Their Radiology Members", "Legal, Regulatory and Policy Issues Impacting the Specialty", and "Self-Referral: Scope and Implications".  

Each webinar is recorded and made available in an on-demand format accessible any time.  You have access to your purchased webinars 24/7 to continue to expand your learning and understanding as well as to use as a reference tool. 

Available Recorded Webinars

The Importance of Quality & Service to the Specialty
Changing the Culture: How to Assure a Good Future for Radiology
Lessons Learned from History’s Great Leaders
Is There a New Payment Model In Your Future?
Contracts Between Radiology Groups and
Their Radiology Members

Staying Ahead of the Curve
A Brave New World
Compensation and the Impact on Radiology Practices
Legal, Regulatory and Policy Issues Impacting the Specialty
Team Teaching
Inventive Incentives
Developing a New Revenue Stream
Building Better Patient Care
Why Teaching & Research Matter
Setting a Strategic Course
The Ties that Bind
Measure for Measure
Impact of Healthcare Reform on Radiology: 2014 and Beyond
I’ve Got Good News and Bad News
How to Evaluate a Job Offer
Fit to Operate? 
Leadership in Radiology: Leadership from Below
The Customer is (Sometimes) Right
What They Didn't Teach You, But You Really Need to Know
Do No Harm
Advanced Economic Principles for Radiology Professionals
Getting the Right Balance
What are your Standards?
Lower the Dose
Fundamentals of Radiology Business Organizations and Governance
Checkmate! Strategic Concepts for Radiology
Service With a Smile
Imaging 3.0 A Roadmap for Transitioning
It’s All About Communication
The Economics & Commoditization of Payment Models 
Giving Back
Who’s the Boss?
Beyond Healthcare Economics Milestones:  Obstacles to Payment and New Initiatives
Self-Referral: Scope and Implications
Beyond Healthcare Economics Milestones:  How a Dictation Becomes a Dollar
Identify & Apply
Beyond Healthcare Economics Milestones: Physician Performance Metrics: Balancing Volume and Value
Optimize Your Outcomes
Beyond Healthcare Economics Milestones: From Research Concept to Coding
Radiology Practice Options: Now and in the Future What Are the Great Practices Thinking and Doing?
The Evolution of Non-Physician Practitioners: Implications for Radiology Practices  




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