The Importance of Quality & Service to the Specialty

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Increasing consumerism is an important aspect of the changing healthcare system.  In the near future, it is likely that a larger percentage of healthcare costs will be shifted directly to consumers and that price transparency in healthcare may increase. In this new environment, healthcare providers will need to be more cognizant of the need for service to their customers. 

This webinar explores the concepts of customers in radiology and will examine attributes that are important to these customers. The session will also define the concept of customer loyalty versus satisfaction, and will explore the increasing importance of loyalty to preserve the viability of radiology practices.  The concepts of safety and quality will also be examined, particularly as they relate to customer loyalty.

Learning Objectives

  • Articulate the difference between customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Understand the importance of customer loyalty in preserving the viability of a radiology practice
  • Examine selected key practice attributes that correlate with patient loyalty
  • Explore the concepts of safety and quality in radiology as seen from the perspective of a typical consumer

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