Leadership in Radiology: Leadership From Below

Leadership in Radiology: Leadership From Below • March 11, 2014 • Frank J. Lexa, MD, MBA • Online

This talk will explore the personal impact of leadership training on you and your career. We will discuss how leadership is taught and developed in other disciplines and why it is critical to you as a future radiologist as well as to our profession. We will go through an easy to use paradigm for getting started on applying your leadership skills early in your career. We will also review what it means to be a strong leader and why we don’t always have the leaders that we need in our departments and practices.

Learning Objectives

  • Explore common fallacies in leadership
  • Understand the tools that you need to be a leader
  • Understand how to get started in leadership, even when you are still in training
  • How to get training and develop leadership skills on the job
  • How to have a great (or terrible) career in radiology by applying insights into great leadership

RLI Credits
This Level 2 mandatory course will cover competency 6.2.5 in the Professional Development domain of the RLI Common Body of Knowledge and award 1 RLI credit. This webinar is tailored to residents, however, anyone is welcome to attend.

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