Radiology Practice Options: Now and in the Future

Radiology Practice Options: Now and in the Future • November 6, 2014 (8:00 pm - 9:00 pm EST) • Lawrence R Muroff, MD, FACR • Online

This presentation will cover the opportunities for radiologists in the workplace. Emphasis will be placed on newer options such as hospital employment and jobs with national entrepreneurial radiology companies. Benefits and pitfalls of all radiology job opportunities will be presented. How newer payment systems impact employment options will be covered, and an assessment of the job market outlook will be presented.

Learning Objectives

Attendees of this webinar should, at its conclusion, be able to:

  • Enumerate the various options that radiologists have for employment
  • Describe the benefits and pitfalls of each radiology employment opportunity
  • Assess the impact of alternate payment systems on the job market and on the types of employment opportunities.

RLI Credit

This Level 4 elective course will cover competency 3.1.2 in the Legal & Regulatory domain of the RLI Common Body of Knowledge and award 1 RLI credit.

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