Why My Practice Might Get Sued – And How to Deal With It

Why My Practice Might Get Sued – And How to Deal With It • January 13, 2015 (8:00 pm - 9:00 pm EST) • Thomas R. Hoffman, JD, CAE • Online

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This fast-paced webinar will tackle key medical-legal challenges that current and future radiology leaders encounter.  You’ll learn about major risk areas such as communicating with clinicians – and patients – and documenting those critical interactions.  The presenter also will outline why radiology practices can manage their legal risk by developing and enforcing policies, especially those that enhance a patient-centered culture.  Ask about any radiology legal or policy topic that poses a leadership challenge – and opportunity – for you.

Learning Objectives

  • Webinar participants will: Discuss how to address significant medical-legal and policy risk areas for radiology leaders. 
  • Identify  practical tips regarding matters such as obtaining and documenting informed consent and giving “curbside consults” to other physicians.
  • Describe why patients sue radiologists and their practices, what to do – and what not to do
  • Identify and discuss key legal issues related to responding to potential lawsuits (e.g., should a practice leader ever apologize to a patient or their loved ones?)

RLI Credits

This Level 3 elective course will cover competency 3.2.9 in the Legal and Regulatory domain of the RLI Common Body of Knowledge and award 1 RLI credit.

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