What Are the Great Practices Thinking and Doing?

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The majority of radiology practices are dysfunctional. They are governed haphazardly, act unpredictably, and if they are successful, it is in spite of what they do, not because of it. A few exceptional practices insure their success with good governance, a proactive approach to problems, and a clear sense of direction provided by a group developed and approved mission statement and business plan. There are several key elements that are necessary to move a practice from good to great. This presentation describes what great practices do to differentiate themselves from the vast majority of radiology groups. The importance of appropriate structure, governance, strategic planning/scenario planning, prompt decision-making, and decisive action will all be covered. Attendees should easily be able to implement into their practices the suggestions offered in this presentation.


  • Discuss the importance of a mission statement and business plan.
  • Describe a model for effective governance and rapid, decisive decision-making.
  • Incorporate into their practices strategies to proactively meet challenges and deal with problems

Purchase this on-demand webinar

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