RLI Common Body of Knowledge™

The RLI Common Body of Knowledge™ encompasses 151 competencies across seven topic areas; each competency is the result of extensive research to identify skills and knowledge essential to radiology leadership success. The RLI CBK regularly undergoes extensive review by the RLI Board to ensure that all course content continually adheres to a superior standard of excellence and reflects the most innovative training in the field today.


To develop the CBK, the RLI consulted some of the nation's top academic institutions, business schools, corporations and health care organizations, along with hundreds of private practice and academic radiologists for expert guidance on the best leadership curriculum for a radiology environment.

After careful deliberation, 151 competencies were identified across seven topic areas as being most critical to effective leadership in the radiology field. These competencies were then vetted through some of the nation's top business leaders to ensure a robust foundation for RLI curriculum offerings.

With the competencies in hand, the RLI was able to identify the best coursework to fulfill each aptitude area. Some of this course curriculum has been developed exclusively by our experts while other courses have been leveraged from a handful of affiliate organizations.

No RLI credit(s) are given for courses that do not map to the competencies outlined in the RLI CBK.
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