Leadership Insider Podcast Episode 101: Immunity to Change

Immunity to Change - Closing the Knowing-Doing Gap (recorded at the 2016 RLI Leadership Summit)

In this session at the 2016 RLI Leadership Summit, attendees learned how unconscious biases that have likely been in place for a long time causes us significant struggles with continued commitment to the change.  We learned that change is hard primarily because it demands something from us that goes beyond a checklist of new tasks. We need to first secure the right mindset to sustain the intended change, inspect our thoughts and feelings, and consider the commitments we have already made that may compete with key elements of the intended change.  

Through breakout sessions and personal assignments, under the expert guidance of Anton Ambruster, PhD, attendees were given a road map of how we can become mindful of the connection our habits have to these reflex assumptions.  

Here, in this podcast, Frank Lexa, MD, MBA, Chief Medical Officer of the RLI, talks with Anton about ways in which radiologists can follow through with change and how to get colleagues and supervisors on board.  

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