Leadership Insider Podcast Episode 109: Artificial Intelligence Part 2

Artificial Intelligence: Insights from Pathology

In the second part of our conversation on AI, machine learning, and computer-aided diagnosis, we are joined by David Louis, MD, the Benjamin Castleman Professor of Pathology at HMS; chair of the Executive Committee on Research at MGH; and chair of the department of Pathology at MGH. Under his chairmanship, MGH Pathology has become a national leader in molecular diagnostics and pathology informatics, leading to a novel initiative in computational pathology. In this episode, Dr. Louis discusses how pathology has approached computer-aided diagnosis, how pathologists are confronting the fears and challenges of potential AI implementations and his outlook for an exciting future in diagnostic medicine.    

Dr. Louis will also be our plenary speaker at the AI Case-Study session at the RLI Leadership Summit.  Dr. Louis will talk about areas in which pathology has connected with AI. These include image-based analysis in addition to understanding how bio-informatics derived from large data sets and laboratory science can benefit patients and society.

In addition, you will not want to miss the keynote session at this year's Summit by Anne LeGrand, the General Manager, Imaging, IBM Watson Health.  Ms. LeGrand will speak about recent advances made by Watson Health and explore the potential value of "augmented intelligence" to assist radiologists as well as the patients they serve. 

Learn more about the AI session and keynote on the Leadership Summit webpage. 


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