Leadership Insider Podcast Episode 113: Coaching for Sustainable Change

What was your best moment in medicine?

You are stressed.  And chances are, that stress is probably not going anywhere any time soon.  Unfortunately, stress has a pretty significant impact on how teams function, productivity and even how you interpret images. 

This episode was recorded at the 2017 RLI Leadership Summit where we spoke with Matt Hawkins, MD, director of pediatric interventional radiology and Scott Taylor, PhD, associate professor of organizational behavior at Babson College about various ways we can leverage our relationships with our teams and others to foster sustainable change and create more positive work environments.  

Key takeaways from this episode include:

  • What are the learned negative traits of leaders, how to recognize them and ways to become a valued member of a high-functioning team
  • What leadership actually means, especially in a flat organization like a radiology practice, where often times there is no clear, designated person in charge
  • Why everyone can be a leader, regardless of position, title or experience
  • A simple test you can perform to see how well you know your team and how the test will help you glean critical insights into how to build stronger working relationships 

And finally, why reminding yourself of your biggest, best moments in medicine can have such a huge impact on you and your team.  


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