Leadership Insider Podcast Episode 114: What I Wish I Had Known as a Resident

If only you had a time machine...

In the first new episode of 2018, we are talking with Amy Patel, MD, a breast imager at Beth Israel Deaconess and Rob Mackey, MD, a radiologist at Doctor’s Imaging Group in Gainesville Florida.  In this episode, we discuss what these two doctors wish they had known as they were entering residency, as residents and as they were first entering practice.  Dr. Patel provides great insights from the perspective of a radiologist in an academic institution, while Dr. Mackey provides insights from a private practice perspective. 

This episode covers great topics such as how to prepare for a radiology residency, what opportunities should residents be aware of to take advantage of, tips for managing time, money and relationships, and even advice on things like supplemental insurance. 


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