What IS the Secret Sauce?

2016 RLI Leadership Summit • September 8 - 11, 2016 • Babson College, Wellesley, MA

The secret sauce for radiology’s impact on the future of healthcare is creating

Secret Sauce

personal and organizational value. And at the 2016 RLI Summit, we’ve got the recipe to show you how to do just that!


  1. Two Scoops of Elbow Grease (or Immunity to Change)
    Creating value often requires doing things differently. Roll up your sleeves, go beyond checklists, overcome obstacles and close the knowing-doing gap to get things done. 

  2. Handful of Daily Affirmations (or You Are Your Brand — Personal Branding to Drive Growth)
    You have unique strengths, skills and talents. And doggone it, people like you! Learn how to package that into a compelling story and deliver a powerful personal brand.

  3. A Pound of Savvy Business and Bias Busting Governance (or Governing in Today’s Climate — Leading and Making Decisions)
    Develop a blueprint for a more efficient and effective governance model for your practice: assess risks differently, allocate resources in more dynamic and flexible ways, and make decisions faster while ensuring that subconscious cognitive biases don’t result in bad choices.

  4. A Couple of Cans of Competition (or Competing by Exceeding)
    Learn how to gain a competitive advantage through operational excellence. Understand the critical capabilities you must develop in order to successfully execute an operations-based strategy and the role of customer loyalty as a driver of growth and profit. 

  5. A Liter of Rigorous (re)Thinking (or Building a Value-Based Performance System)
    How do you convert the idea of value-added service into something specific and actionable? Learn how to think more rigorously about value, how you associate value to an activity, separate truly value-added activities from those that are not and how to transition to more value-added models. 

  6. A Dollop of Deal Making (or Dynamics of Value Claiming in Negotiations)
    Your financial success hinges on successful negotiations. Assess your strengths, understand key attributes and learn basic bargaining skills so that when you sit down at the negotiating table, you are well equipped to claim your true value.


Blend with lectures, facilitated break-out sessions, experiential exercises, expert panels and peer consulting. And voilà! You have created personal and organizational value. Enjoy!

 Stir up your own delicious value-added sauce and register today

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