Leading Radiology into the Future: a Campaign to Benefit the Radiology Leadership Institute®

The phase I campaign goal is to raise $5 million to further develop and strengthen the RLI.


The ACR has launched a national campaign, with a phase 1 goal to raise $5 million for the programmatic and technological development of the RLI and to establish an endowment. The ACR has invested $1.5 million of its own funds to ensure the success of this important initiative. The ACR has also pledged an additional $1.2 million to the campaign to reaffirm its support and build momentum.

A one-time pledged investment, payable over a five-year period, will assist in making the RLI a self-sustaining program, benefiting generations of future radiology leaders.

All corporations, practices and individuals who make a gift during the Leading Radiology into the Future campaign will be recognized in perpetuity as a Radiology Leadership Institute donor.

During the Leading Radiology into the Future campaign, all donors will be publicized in select ACR publications, on the ACR Foundation and RLI websites, and at the annual meetings of the ACR and the Radiology Leadership Institute.

Contributions are tax deductible and gifts are encouraged to be unrestricted.


  • Develop and license customized leadership programs with prestigious business schools and MBA programs and engage radiology subject matter experts to create radiology-based business and leadership curricula
  • Identify and engage affiliate organizations with similar missions to augment and leverage existing relationships and leadership training, jointly creating content and working together to develop and present leadership events and courses
  • Recruit renowned faculty from leading business, industry and academic institutions to provide educational opportunities
  • Construct intensive scenario-based RLI training programs, develop educational cohort programming, and design unique, interactive, reality-based learning scenarios for leadership team programs
  • Create RLI courses in varied presentation formats including online, Web-based, face-to-face, and project-based courses and programs
  • Incorporate programming into ACR events, chapter meetings and affiliate organization events


  • Invest in state-of-the-art technology infrastructure to support RLI initiatives, including video conferencing capabilities for courses and other activities
  • Develop an ACR leadership resource center and electronic library with digital and human resources to continue to build best practices and provide assistance to practice and academic radiology leaders
  • Organize a private online radiology leader community to share information, build skills and continue the leadership initiative
  • Build e-mentoring initiatives through a multi-tiered and multi-industry approach
  • Create an RLI-branded learning portal
  • Connect the RLI to the existing member database to allow participants to track course credits, claim RLI and CME credits, and obtain RLI certificates


  • Establish an endowment for educational grants and scholarships to assist participants in early stages of their career move to the next level
  • Develop RLI educational material to present at ACR annual member meetings as well as other standalone venues
  • Market the RLI through electronic, mass mail, membership and leadership avenues
  • Organize and implement the RLI annual flagship event and programming
  • Investigate the feasibility of extending the RLI program to meet the needs of industry management

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