2018 RLI Leadership Summit

2018 RLI Leadership Summit • September 7 - 9, 2018 • Babson College, Wellesley, MA

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The RLI Leadership Summit is the only leadership training program in radiology that is designed in close collaboration with business school experts to bring to bear the best business theories and research on how to improve your practices and departments.



Each session at this year's Leadership Summit will provide you with deeper understanding of several of the biggest challenges facing health care and radiology today and how to turn those challenges into opportunities for capturing greater value in the modern patient cycle of care. 

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This year the Summit will feature role play scenarios where you will compete in teams against others to see if you can "win" the negotiation, insightful assessments of your emotional and social competence and immediate tactics you can use to jump start your leadership evolution to generate a more productive and happier practice environment, techniques to bust open your creativity to look at value-stream maps and re-imagine care path designs, and a decomposition of the "return on equity" so you will thoroughly understand the key financial levers that drive value in your practice. 

Plus, we will have a special panel session on Lateral Leadership that will how radiology departments address the various constituencies with which they interact and how to lead across the lines for more effective system management.  




"This was one of the best and most applicable sessions I’ve attended in the past 3 years and taught extremely well. The content was presented in a way that made me feel that I could immediately implement it.”

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