Health Care Economics Milestones Program

Health Care Economics Milestones Program • November 20, 2017 - March 30, 2018 • Online

Your Solution for Health Care Economics Curriculum

Developed by the RLI, economics experts and residency program directors, the RLI Health Care Economics Milestones (HCEM) program provides the essential training to satisfy the ACGME systems-based practice competency requirement by effectively facilitating resident education in health care economics.  

Unique and Effective Program

The HCEM Program focuses on collaborative and active learning. It is at the forefront of our design.

The specific curriculum was developed to take residents’ learning experience beyond basic and passive learning of reading articles and watching recorded lectures.  Instead, it utilizes such activities to introduce residents to the general concepts to prepare them for greater participation and the experiential learning components of the program.

This interactivity promotes a deeper learning and a more comprehensive understanding of the key health care economics concepts. Residents are better prepared to effectively apply what they learn as they move forward in their careers.

Program Design

The program is organized into five blocks to address the five milestones. Each block introduces the basic concepts of the specific milestone through the self-paced activities completed online (by each resident), followed by the interactive case-based activities and group discussions led by local moderators at the home institution,  and concludes with a live webinar with 3-4 other programs facilitated by our subject matter experts. Periodic assessments will be given throughout the program to measure competency and level of engagement.

Local Faculty 

While the majority of this program is done online or facilitated by RLI faculty, we do ask each institution to identify someone to serve as a local faculty. This local faculty will help facilitate the local activity and discussion associated with each block. RLI faculty will provide a comprehensive guide to the local faculty in order to provide questions and helpful information as to what needs to be addressed for each local component.

Schedule and Timeline 

The schedule and timeline were developed with residents' busy schedules in mind. While each block spans two months, each resident can anticipate spending 5-6 hours of his or her time on completing the necessary work for each block. 

The collaborative design of our program is such that all residents in a given program are intended to complete the training at the same time. For that reason, a residency program only needs to repeat the training once every four years.

The next program will begin in September 2017 and run through March 2018. 



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